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“Superb Tent” won the title of "2018 China Tent Brand"

"2018 China Brand Conference" was held in Beijing in November - sponsored by China Federation of Industry and Commerce.Superb Tent Co., Ltd, as a representative of China's tent industry was invited to this meeting, and General Manager Zhen fangkun was awarded as "2018 Brand leader in China".



The core team of the Superb Tent has been rooted in the tent industry for more than 20 years. It has a unique sense of responsibility and professionalism and continues to carry forward the spirit of “professionalism”, “concentration”,“innovation” and “excellence”.

From simple Standard A frame tent at the start, the team developed multi-sided tent ,dome tent, assembly"sports tent" and "hotel tent" which were best selling in the market.These new tents have obtained a number of "appearance, utility model" patents.

Superb Tent has grown rapidly and its influence has been continuously expanded. It provides one-stop service for high-end foreign event companies and international large-scale events. It has been well received and trusted by users and has become the designated supplier of large-scale event companies in the United States, Australia, Israel and Singapore.

In order to serve more professional customers in different fields, The business of Superb was gradually subdivided into "Superb Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd.", "Superb Conference and Exhibition Company", "Superb Media", "Hao Lai Ju hotel tent” and other five foreign sales companies.The company has expanded its business from original tent manufacturing, designing, selling and renting to leisure tourism, aviation equipment and military products……

With the spirit of “excellence “and “There is no best, only better”, the company has successfully won the title of “High-tech Enterprise”, “Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise”, “China Exhibition Association Director”, “Brand Enterprise”, “Science and Technology Progress” and other government and industry awards.

As a benchmark of tent industry, Superb shoulder the mission of development of China's tent industry. The company responded to the call of the”National ministry of Industry and Information Technology”and undertook the preparation of the standard for tents. At the same time, the company obtained certification in the military field and continued to deepen the development and research of "military tent series".The company had established long-term cooperation with South China University of Technology for new products development.

With the speedy development ,Superb also shoulder its social responsibilities and take active part in various social welfare and charitable activities.Such as donation and visitation of Foshan Red Cross, Shenzhen Red Cross, and Nanhai District Nursing Home.

In the future, the Superb team will overcome all difficulties and challenges, constantly moving towards one brilliant after another, better serving customers of tent in the world .

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